Patriotic CCA Competitions Ignite Standard Kids' Talent 2023

Day Standard Kids organised second CCA competition of August month related to patriotism.

Each child is blessed with a unique talent, to bring out these talents 3 different competitions were arranged for 3 age groups.

  1. Tricolor day first for PRE KG
  2. Patriotic solo song for Junior KG
  3. National leader enacting for Senior KG

Students learn to overcome the shyness and develop a sense of confidence to face the audience.

Our PRE-KG tiny tots were dressed in tricolor attire and performed the march past with great confidence which was indeed a feast to our eyes. They even made paper collage map of India.

Students even brought some tricolor properties from home.

The spirit of patriotism is important for understanding the true value of independence and patriotic songs for kids.

Our Junior KG students sung beautiful patriotic songs. Which embedded patriotism in the tender hearts forever.

Senior KG students dressed up as different National leaders building up their speech, sharing love for their Nation.

These competitions bring out the creativity and ingenuity of the parents and provides the little ones an opportunity to light the stage with their wonderful attire. Students performed with the great confidence and enthusiasm.

Patriotic songs and enacting National leaders encourage our young minds to do something good for our own country.