Standard Schools Chairman

Dr. V. Chandrasekhar

B. V. Sc (India) B. Sc., (Comp., Sci.), P. G. Dip. Tech. (Massey University, New Zealand)

Chairman of the Standard Group of Schools

Our Chairman is a visionary who has worked for 14 years in several countries abroad viz., New Zealand, Australia, UK, and Ireland and travelled around 20 countries to name a few: UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, USA, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, etc to study the educational system and implement the best in his own country. The outcome of his rich experience abroad is reflected in the well-built and maintained infrastructure, selected professional teachers, and well-organized campus. He leads a dynamic and energized team of experienced professionals at the Standard Group of Schools. His tireless striving has really made the school a true ‘second home’ for children.His ideologies shape up a holistic and pragmatic approach of the management towards the education and all-round development of the students. He envisions his students to be academically successful and ideologically rich in integrity and honesty. His vision helps students to be socially responsible and productive citizens of the nation.We are committed to playing a key role in shaping the future of the world by grooming future citizens. Our endeavor has been to study, understand and assimilate the nuances of global education and tone it to suit the need of our children to meet the evolving challenges in the 21st century with confidence.
Standard Schools Principal

Mrs. Chandrakanthi B R

M. Sc., B. Ed (MES Teachers College)

Group Principal at Standard Group of Schools

Started to work as teacher at Standard English School in the year 1988. Has 11 years experience as Head Mistress.

Mrs. Chandrakanthi B. R. is the Group Principal at Standard Group of Schools since 2012. She holds a Master’s of Science degree along with a Bachelor in Education from the MES Teachers’ College, Bangalore. She has been contributing to the field of education for over three decades and has held the position of Head Mistress for 11 years. She is passionate about inculcating values in students. She is undoubtedly one of the prominent driving forces in maintaining discipline, unity, and excellence in the school. The balance and potency in her approach towards the students set in the process of achieving overall development in each and every one of them.

Mrs. Chandralekha Pichamuthu

M. Sc., M. Ed.

Mentor at Standard Public School

Mrs. Chandralekha Pichamuthu is the educational consultant at SPS. She has over 40 yrs of experience in the field of education and mentors the school according to the norms set by CISCE. Mrs.Chandralekha Pichamuthu holds a Master’s degree in Science, a Master’s degree in Education and furthermore an M.Phil. With her rich experience and expertise, she contributes abundantly towards the setting of the curriculum and the disposition of the staff .Her brilliant co ordination skills goes a long way in establishing the superlative standards of SPS. She is the pillar of strength and support for the school.