A motivational session: By Arjun deviah

On May 17th, Mr. Arjun Deviah conducted an orientation program for the teachers. The session was both valuable and engaging, providing a great start to the new academic year. Arjun sir’s insights and motivational words resonated deeply with everyone present.

Mr. Deviah, fondly known as the ‘Motivational Guru,’ truly lived up to his title during the session. He inspired the teachers to embrace the challenges of the upcoming academic year with confidence and enthusiasm. His energy and positivity were infectious, leaving a lasting impact on all participants.

The orientation was a much-needed boost for the teachers. It provided them with the motivation and tools necessary to approach the new academic year with a positive mindset. The strategies and advice shared by Arjun sir will undoubtedly help the teachers in their professional journey.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the management for organizing such essential programs. These sessions are crucial in preparing us for new challenges and ensuring we start the year on a positive note. The support and encouragement from the management are highly appreciated.

In conclusion, the orientation program by Mr. Arjun Deviah was a resounding success. It not only motivated the teachers but also equipped them with the confidence to face the new academic year.

Such programs are vital for the growth and development of the teaching staff. We look forward to more such enriching sessions in the future.