Welcome To the World of Cute Little Bunnies!

We are thrilled to announce the inauguration of our Junior KG and Senior KG Bunnies Program held on 12th June 2024 at our school campus. This delightful initiative, inspired by Mrs. Lakshmi Mazumdar, the former National Commissioner, was conceived during the International Year of the Child. She envisioned a special program for children aged 3 to 6 years that would not only be fun and engaging but also serve as a stepping stone to the Cubs/Bulbuls section.

Our Bunnies Program promises to be a magical journey filled with learning, laughter, and lots of little adventures. Designed for our youngest learners, this program aims to nurture their curiosity and creativity. Through a blend of play-based activities and structured learning, children will explore various concepts and skills in a supportive and encouraging environment. The program’s holistic approach ensures that every child feels valued and motivated to learn.

The curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to include a variety of engaging activities that promote cognitive, social, and emotional development. From storytelling sessions and interactive games to art projects and outdoor exploration, each day is packed with opportunities for our little ones to discover and grow. Our dedicated teachers and staff are committed to creating a nurturing atmosphere where children feel safe and inspired to express themselves.

As part of the Bunnies Program, children will also participate in group activities that foster teamwork and cooperation. These experiences are designed to help them develop important social skills and build lasting friendships. By providing a balance of individual and group activities, we aim to prepare our young learners for the next stage of their educational journey.

We look forward to seeing our little ones hop into this exciting new chapter. The Bunnies Program is not just an educational endeavor but a celebration of childhood itself. It is a place where every child can thrive, explore, and enjoy the wonders of learning.