Empowering Health and Wellness: The Standard Group of Schools' Immunization Drive

In a move, towards safeguarding the health and well being of our students The Standard Group of Schools partnered with the Primary Health Care Center located in Dasarahalli. Together we organized an Immunization Drive on August 21 2023. This initiative aimed to provide vaccinations to students in grades 1 5 and 10 as part of our commitment to their well being.

Prioritizing the Health and Safety Top ICSE Schools in Bangalore

Ensuring the health and safety of our students has always been our priority. Recognizing the role vaccinations play in preventing diseases we joined forces with local health authorities to facilitate this immunization program. It is an effort from us to create an nurturing environment for our students.

Consent-Based Vaccination

Parents and guardians of students were invited to provide their consent for vaccination. This transparent approach ensured that the process was carried out in accordance with families wishes while maintaining transparency. We sincerely appreciate the trust and support shown by parents who gave their consent for their childrens vaccinations.

A Smooth and Well-Organized EventEvent

Thanks to the efforts, between The Standard Group of Schools and the Primary Health Care Center the immunization drive was executed smoothly. Qualified medical professionals and nurses were present throughout to administer vaccines ensuring that each student received immunization.

Parents were also encouraged to accompany their children throughout the process.

Post Vaccination Care

After receiving their vaccinations students were carefully monitored for any reactions. Once the medical staff confirmed their well being they were safely handed over to their parents. The parents were provided with information regarding how to take care of their children after vaccination.

Looking Ahead The Standard Group of Schools

At the Standard Group of Schools we prioritize the health, safety and overall well being of our students. We are extremely proud of the collaboration, during this immunization drive. Are committed to continuing initiatives that promote the holistic health and development of our students.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Primary Health Care Center in Dasarahalli the medical staff and all parents for their invaluable support, in making this immunization drive a resounding success. Together we are fostering a community of eager learners

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