Standard Public School Hosts Successful 2nd Edition of Model United Nations

“Peace cannot be established by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” — Albert Einstein. Such profound wisdom by Albert Einstein serves as a guiding light in our world riddled with wars, illnesses, and hostilities. In today’s global landscape, where conflicts among nations and infringements on human rights pose significant threats to international peace and security, fostering understanding is crucial.

Every year, more than 400,000 students from schools and universities worldwide participate in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. These events simulate United Nations meetings, focusing on Security Council or General Assembly committees, where participants assume the roles of national ambassadors or representatives to debate and solve global issues. MUN events can range from a few hours to a week and involve people of all ages, often held as extra-curricular activities.

The 2nd Edition of Model United Nations at Standard Public School

We at Standard Public School conducted the 2nd Edition of our Model United Nations on 22nd June 2024. With five enriching committees and the International Press, the event created pathways that facilitated our young delegates into fruitful discussions. The MUN provided an excellent opportunity for students to meet new people and develop key skills such as public speaking, teamwork, and negotiation.

Committees and Agendas

Our event featured the following committees and agendas:

  1. United Nations General Assembly

    • Agenda: Deliberating on International Peace and National Security with special reference to the ongoing wars and conflicts.
  2. United Nations Security Council

    • Agenda: Confronting the chemical, biological, and autonomous weapons proliferation.
  3. World Health Organization

    • Agenda: Discussing adolescent health and the challenges faced mentally and physically in the real world.
  4. United Nations Environment Programme

    • Agenda: Discussing policies and investments that reduce risk from chemicals to both health and environment.
  5. United Nations Human Rights Commission

    • Agenda: Ending terrorist attacks and hate speeches based on xenophobia, racism, religious discrimination, and other forms of intolerance, and implementing the Durban Declaration.

Acknowledgments and Achievements

Congratulations to all the Delegates, Chairs, and Vice Chairs who actively identified problems, analyzed solutions, and passed resolutions to handle various situations. Our participants demonstrated true leadership and passion in addressing global issues. We wish them great success in their future endeavors.


The 2nd Edition of Model United Nations at Standard Public School was a resounding success. It not only provided a platform for students to engage in meaningful debates but also helped them develop essential skills for their future. We look forward to hosting more such events that encourage our students to become informed, articulate, and empathetic global citizens.