SWACHHATA PAKHWADA at Standard English School

At Standard English School, we celebrated Swachhata Pakhwada with great enthusiasm, dedicating ourselves to cleanliness, hygiene, and environmental responsibility from the 1st of September to the 15th of September. The objective of this event was to instill a strong sense of cleanliness and environmental stewardship in our students. These two weeks were filled with activities that emphasized the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. On September 1st, 2023, our young learners from Grade I actively took an oath on Swachhata Shapath Day. Students of Grade I enthusiastically participated in the oath-taking ceremony and were also educated about the Swachh Bharat Mission, aimed at promoting personal and environmental cleanliness.

Cleanliness Drive: 2023

The event kicked off with a cleanliness drive organized by our students. They eagerly participated in cleaning various areas of the school premises. Armed with brooms, dustpans, and garbage bags, they took on the challenge of tidying up littered spaces, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to maintaining cleanliness.

Speech on the Significance of Swachatha Awareness Day: 2023

Speech on the Significance of Swachhata Awareness Day: A notable highlight of the event was a speech delivered by one of our senior students. The speech emphasized the importance of Swachhata Awareness Day and underscored the role that each individual can play in preserving clean and green surroundings. The student passionately discussed the detrimental effects of littering and pollution, while also emphasizing the significance of waste management and water conservation.

Poster Presentation: 2023

To drive home the importance of waste management and water conservation, we organized an informative poster exhibition. Students created eye-catching posters that vividly illustrated the consequences of improper waste disposal and the necessity of water conservation. These posters were prominently displayed in the school auditorium, and students had the opportunity to explain the concepts to their peers


Personal hygiene, encompassing habits and practices for maintaining cleanliness, plays a pivotal role in promoting healthy living and shaping one’s habits and lifestyle. Our school initiated a Comprehensive Health Program for Grade III and IV students, where our teachers educated them on the following aspects:

  1. Proper Handwashing
  2. Oral Hygiene
  3. Toilet Hygiene
  4. Correct Body Cleaning Techniques
  5. Nail Care
  6. Food Washing Methods
  7. Wearing Clean Clothes
  8. Sleep Hygiene
  9. Proper Sneezing Etiquette
  10. Household Cleanliness

Awareness on Healthy and unhealthy foods : 2023

Awareness on Healthy and Unhealthy Foods: Educating children about good nutrition from a young age is essential for fostering a well-balanced and healthy life. This was accomplished through informative presentations by Ms. Tejaswini and Ms. Archana Acharya, along with posters and handouts. Students also performed a meaningful skit highlighting the differences


¬†Grade VIII participated in various activities during the Swachhta Pakhwada Days on the 7th and 8th of September, 2023. Competitions were conducted on essay writing, elocution quiz, painting and model making. Active participation of the students made the movement a more productive one. The topic for the speech competition was ‘Beat Plastic Pollution‘ and a quiz competition also was conducted. Overall, the campaign could evoke cleanliness awareness among the young minds.

Conclusion : 2023

Swachhata Awareness programmes were a resounding success. It not only encouraged our students to actively participate in cleanliness initiatives but also educated them about the critical role they play in preserving our environment. The combination of the cleanliness drive, the enlightening speech, and the visually impactful posters left a lasting impression on everyone present.We believe that such initiatives are essential in nurturing responsible and environmentally conscious citizens. Swachatha Awareness Day was a step forward in this direction, and we look forward to more such events that promote a cleaner, greener, and healthier future.