Standard Kids’ Sr KG Heartfelt Tribute to Super Dads on Father’s Day!2023

Father’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood. Reminding each one about parental bonds and the role of fathers in shaping the lives of their children is the sole purpose of this celebration.

With great enthusiasm, Standard Kids celebrated Father’s Day on     17TH June 2023. Kindergarten students celebrated Father’s Day by making a superhero puppet as a gift.

The spirit of young students flourished the way they depict their unending love and gratitude for their Father’s in the form of poems, rhymes, and cards.

 Teachers made thematic presentation and video clipping to instil the importance of fathers in a child’s mind.

“A father always motivates the children to walk on the path of progress and always supports in every difficult times.”

Teachers asked all the children to respect and serve their parents.