Teachers Training on Identifying children with disability at very Early Stage - Standard Schools

As part of spreading awareness about Specific Learning Disability, school conducted a training session hosted by Dr. SHASHI KUMAR. The basic principle of this session was to generate desire awareness about children with disability among the stakeholders working in the education sector. It included:

Introduction to PGALS (Paediatric Gait Arms Legs and Spine) musculoskeletal screen It consists of 16 postures to assess disability among children.
The basic screening questions were discussed
Demonstration of the screening tool was also explained.


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These screening results would be utilised in early identification of children with disability. The session was concluded by a note from Dr. Shashi Kumar that “these symptoms can be temporary” which states that the result will not completely depend on the results of the screening tool but will be further tested clinically and results obtained by the teachers will help the parents for early identification and treatment of the disability. Screening sheets were provided to each class teacher from grade 1-5. It was indeed an informative session.