Karnataka Rajyotsava A Vibrant Celebration of Tradition, Heritage, and Patriotism Standard School 2023

The 67th Karnataka Rajyotsava was celebrated on 1st November 2023. The day’s celebration started with hoisting the state flag and the choir singing the state anthem with pride and immense patriotism. This was followed by a march past by the  scout,guides,cubs,& bulbuls and the NCC batallion. This was followed by a speech given by Ms. Susheela our kannada faculty on the tradition and heritage of Karnataka. The students then presented a mesmerizing dance depicting the brave act of Onake Obavva and another team performed a dance for famous kannada numbers. The choir entertained the audience singing a few songs. The nursery kids also performed a mesmerizing dance that  was totally entertaining. It was a great day of celebration as the air was filled with a spirit of gratefulness towards the motherland.